Multiple App Launcher : Quick Actions Configuration

Quick Actions delivers the power of WebOS multitasking.

Quick Actions allows user to choose an action to perform after an app launch. For exemple, Launching Bad Kitty twitter client directly on a user profile, or Foursquare with your favourite venue.

Available Quick Actions Support : Browser, Bad Kitty, Twee, Spaz, Facebook, Foursquare, Google Maps, Internalz, Messaging , EMail, Youtube App

1. Additionnal help for Govnah :
2. Additionnal help for Foursquare :

Note : You can also schedule with alarms all these quick actions.

1. Govnah:



Govnah is an homebrew service and we need Homebrew Gate to be able to pilot Govnah. Homebrew Gate can be downloaded HERE

First step : Install Homebrew Gate with Preware
Second Step : To set a profile, you need to know the profile id. How to find it ?

In Govnah, go to the profile list. each built in profile is identified with the following id :

If you have created new profiles, the id can be find as described in the picture below

2. Foursquare :

Where can I find Venue ID ?

  • Go to Foursquare Website and search for a venue.
  • Look at the web adress

  • Enter the venue ID in the textfield.

Then tap on done to finish configuration and add this Foursquare quick action to an app group.

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