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NewsPaper Creator : How to use Readitlater features ?

Login : – Enter your readitlater credentials and password inside newspaper creator. Your unread/read articles will be instantly loaded, ready to be converted into PDF files. Add article to your readitlater account : – Select your favorite article from rss or twitter feed. – Choose “add to” – You have to enter your readitlater […]

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NewsPaper Creator for HP TouchPad

Download link : New readitlater features : learn more here. Newspaper Creator is the best solution for offline reading on HP Touchpad. If you travel with your touchpad, it is impossible to read your favorite websites because the tablet does not have 3G. Newspaper creator allows you to read your favorite RSS feeds and […]

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Lithium Reader | HP webOS

Hi, Lithium Reader is an awesome app for HP webOS that will allow you to download webpages for offline reading, share weblinks and PDF short URs easily ! ScienceApps | Killer Apps. Download

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