Monthly Archives: January 2011

Multiple App launcher update 1.5.x

Update 1.5.3 : Neato Support for Quick Action : Check this video : Fixed Forums Quick Action Bug fix Update 1.5.2 : New dashboard for alarms and palm launcher shortcuts. New Quick actions (Forums for example) Improved alarm system (still in beta). User can now choose repeat interval between alarms Description : MAL is […]

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Multiple App Launcher : Quick Actions Configuration

Quick Actions delivers the power of WebOS multitasking. Quick Actions allows user to choose an action to perform after an app launch. For exemple, Launching Bad Kitty twitter client directly on a user profile, or Foursquare with your favourite venue. Available Quick Actions Support : Browser, Bad Kitty, Twee, Spaz, Facebook, Foursquare, Google Maps, Internalz, […]

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