Multiple App launcher update 1.5.x


Update 1.5.3 :

Update 1.5.2 :

  • New dashboard for alarms and palm launcher shortcuts.
  • New Quick actions (Forums for example)
  • Improved alarm system (still in beta). User can now choose repeat interval between alarms

Description :

MAL is an awesome application that will deliver all the power of WebOS multitasking. Select your favourite applications, and launch them simultaneously with one tap! Start app groups at set times.

With Quick Actions perform actions after launching an application. For example, 6:59am : Launch an app group including :

  • A twitter client Bad kittty – programmed to display your profile.
  • Web browser, which opens a predefined Website.
  • Foursquare, programmed to display your favourite venue.
  • Google Maps, programmed to show stations nearby.
  • Several games.
  • Email app with filled information like mail adress.
  • All your favourite News apps.

Wake up at 7:00, everything will be loaded and you’ll be ready to begin your day ! Program your applications to suit your needs. Create shortcuts in the Palm application launcher to launch easily multiple applications at once ! Multiple App Launcher (MAL) will enhance your WebOS experience. Stack Features will come with WebOS 2.0

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  2. The last update: FANTASTIC!

    Some questions / comments / requests:

    * Prefeence panel seems to be missing

    * Would like option of silencing the “action bell sound”

    * if possible – when launching MAL from one of your icons or from your alarms, go right to launch without presenting the option to “kill” te launch

  3. thanks for feedback !

    at this moment, there’s no need of a préférences panel. Why would you like a preferences panel, for what new features ?

    Someone already told me to silent the bell sound, i’m working on it.

    For launcher shortcut, this will be hard to change because it would need to change how the whole app works

    Cheers 🙂

  4. Just got the app & it’s great. Adds some multi-tasking functionality I’ve been missing so far.
    Need help with the shortcut function. Was playing around with shortcuts for my group & accidentally duplicated a group icon in launcher. But now can’t figure out the way to delete it. It doesn’t show up in the launcher app list. How do you remove a group shortcut from the launcher once it’s in there? I might agree with David about the Preference Panel as that might be somewhere in the app to address deleting a group shortcut. Thanks.

  5. hi Mickeal, to delete Shortcuts in the palm launcher, keep gray (or orange) key pressed and press on the icon…. I’ll add this tip on the on screen help. Thanks for feedback !

  6. After practicing more with MAL I’d like to suggest making the APPS/OPTION section collapsible. This might be another reason for a preference panel. Also when that section is collapsed then there could be an automatic function or option to keep the group names static instead of highlighting to rename each time as it does now.
    The reason I would be interested in this is that, even though the launcher icons for groups is a fantastic, elegant function, it doesn’t offer any speed advantage. I did some informal tests on the time it takes to open a couple of groups with icons vs. opening from MAL directly & there was no time difference. So as of right now it seems more effective to leave MAL in the wave bar & simply use as a launcher. But to have a more efficient interface as a launcher once the groups are set, then we would need the APPS/OPTION space to collapse to see all 5 groups more quickly (without scrolling).
    I understand from your earlier explanation that it wouldn’t be possible to bypass the launch screen to speed up launch from an icon. So maybe this would be a different compromise.
    Bug: on some launches the last app launched in a group seems to hang. I’m betting this has more to do with WebOS than MAL, but just thought I’d mention. It probably only happens 1 out of 10 launches so far.
    Device: Pre (Sprint), rooted homebrew, patched, Govnah running on 500/1000 setting overclocked most of the time to 1ghz. So part of what goes on might be from the overclock.
    Hope that makes sense. Really looking forward to see what you do with MAL down the road.

  7. Hi Mickeal,

    thanks for comment !

    I’ll consider your ideas that are really interesting, Indeed, srolling down to launch app group 5 is a waste of time. I’ll find a way to change UI to launch all 5 groups without scrolling.

    —I did some informal tests on the time it takes to open a couple of groups with icons vs. opening from MAL directly & there was no time difference. —

    This feature is actually made to save gestures not really time.

    For bugs, some apps like messaging or other built in apps have a strange behavior. I can’t do anything about it.

    Question : what do you think about quick actions, do you often use them ?

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  9. I really appreciate this app, for both its core function (open a group of apps on demand) and the new added function (set an app/group as an alarm). I would like to be able specify days of the week for alarms, as I have a different group I want to wake up to on Sunday than weekdays. Also, I frequently have an issue where launching a group opens the app that was defaulted to that group when I purchased MAL, not the apps I have assigned to that group since. Suggestions? And thanks again for implementing a great idea!

    1. The default apps in each groups can be deleted : swipe on the right in the list, a dialog will be displayed asking for confirmation. Thanks for your comment. Please leave me a nice review in the app catalog, this will help go further with this app 🙂

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