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  2. The shortcuts on the Launcher don’t open any apps. Opening works fine from inside MAL. I have v1.5.3 on Pre+

    Also – is there a way to set different days of the week for different Groups? I’d like a weekend group and a work day group.

    1. If shortcuts don’t work, you can delete them by holding gray key and tap on shortcut. No one reported bug with this feature… For alarms, I’l try to give usersore features…

  3. please add the engadget app to be launched. Also, the calendar app and the text message app to open to the main list of conversations. Thank you!

    1. Hi, thanks for feedback ! To find engadget app, tap on Add button and enter “engadget” Select the app and add it to a group. For Caldendar app and message app, tap on add button in the main screen, Tap on the arrow on the top right, select ‘Palm built-in apps”, search for messaging and calendar, proceed as previous to select these apps. 🙂

  4. To sum up all your ideas :

    Precentral load in forums : done
    Sprint navigation doesn’t provide any API
    voicemail call : investigating
    @Joan, the latest version of MAL should solve your problem.

  5. hi, I was wondering if you could add a phone call action? The reason I ask is because everyday there’s a number I need to call and this is something I occasionally forget to do, which has dire consequences. I’ve tried setting reminders and alarms but somehow I still end up forgetting to do so, and I thought automating this process might be more effective. If this isn’t possible, that’s cool though.

    1. Hi ! you can you a quick action to do this. Tap on the second icon “action”. Then go down in order to find phone app. Tap on the icon and enter a phone number. Press done. Add quick action to one group. On start, phone app will be filled with your number, you will only add to press dial button. Best Regards

  6. Bonjour Marc-Aurélien,

    je n’ai pas trouvé comment lancer le “gestionnaire de logiciels” de la 2.1, afin de vérifier rapidement si des maj existent pour mes logiciels installés (j’ai trouvé l’app catalog et le service de maj du système).

    Beau travail en tout cas !

    1. Bonjour, l’icône se trouve dans le lanceur sosu le nom gestionnaire d’applciation. Mais de toute façon, sans action de la part de l’utilisateur, les mises à jours te sont proposées en notifications.

  7. LAUNCH PLAYLIST!!! LAUNCH PLAYLIST!!! I have talked to so many people that wish any app could launch a music playlist simply by holding the letter “d” down for your disco mix, for example. When I am in the mood to boogie I need music as fast as my moves….

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