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  1. I work in a busy ED and this demo version has helped me frequently with doing in room VA when nursing forgets to do them. Curious if you need a beta tester for the actual version as People are having a hard time reading black letters on white background in brightly lit rooms, or how do I get the regular version…

    Thanks for a great great ap…

    also like the idea of decreasing the seconds that the person is able to read the letters

  2. we’re working on the full version. It will be released late this month in the app catalog for U.S only.

    If you have ideas or if you find some bugs or if you think that some results may be wrong, tell us here !

    thanks for feedback !

    How much would you pay for this app ?

  3. It’s already done ! It will be available in the next version (soon in the app catalog : before the end of the month).

    New features for the next versions :
    color blindness test
    Near visual acuity test
    Save your visual acuity and profiles.
    shortsightedness / longsightedness tests

    What else would you like ?

  4. Just downloaded latest version 0.6.0 and can,t
    find near vision testing (jaeger).
    Great app for me when doing bedside
    eye consults. Keep making improvements.

  5. near vision test will be available in version 0.6.1 with some bug fix in the hishihara tests.

    We’ll keep making improvments. If you want new tests or features, post here !

    Thanks for comment !

  6. we’re working on a new version 0.6.2…
    Upcomming features :
    – eye cross section with zoom in and out functions
    – New optotypes available, for children with shapes
    – and more …

  7. Hi,
    Can you please make this available to Canada? I really want to purchase your application, but Canada ia not listed as a supported country.



  8. We’re planning to make this app available in Canada. We’ll have to wait 2 or 3 months…. We’re doing our best to make this app available earlier.

    thanks for comments !

  9. Hi,

    Thanks for the quick reply, however I don’t understand what’s involved in making it available in Canada. Don’t you just have to click a checkbox in the application profile? What do you have to do that takes months? I don’t see any programming changes required or any liability you would have to incur.

    Why can’t you just turn on availability right away?



  10. because, we have to fill lots of forms about taxes to submit international apps. 🙂 I live in France, and i’d love to make my app available in my country too ! 🙂



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