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Multiple App Launcher allows you to start multiple applications at once, avoiding tap, flick and gestures.

Video tour :

Change log

1. Setup apps
2. Add Apps to group
3. Quick Actions | save more gestures !
4. Create Shorcuts in the Palm Launcher
5. Delete Shorcuts in the Palm Launcher
6. Alarms | Start app groups at a set time
7. Twitter features
8. Just type features

1. Setup Apps

Select your apps among the list provided by the app catalog, beta & web distribution, and homebrew apps…

… or tap on the arrows icon and select apps from Palm Built in apps like Email, Messaging, photos, …

2. Add Apps to group

Select in which group you want to add the selected app & add other apps and rename the app group to News for exemple.

You can also delete an app or reorder every apps inside a group.

3. Quick Actions | save more gestures !

Quick Actions are the easier way to setup all your favourite apps at once. Quick Actions allow you to start an app and perform an action inside the launched app. For example, launch a Twitter client directly on your profile, launch Palm Web Browser on your faouvrtite website, e.g …

Help for Govnah and Foursquare Quick Action setup
Ask for more Quick Actions

4. Create Shorcuts in the Palm Launcher

Create Shortcuts in the Palm launcher is really simple. Tap on the launcher icon in the options menu. Choose a color for your shortcut icon, and tap on + icon to create the shortcut. A dashboard message is displayed if creating shortcut is successful.

5. Delete Shorcuts in the Palm Launcher

In order to delete shortcuts icons, tap on the shortcut icon while pressing gray (or orange) key. The following dialog will be displayed.

6. Alarms | Start app groups at a set time

Alarms are still provided as a beta version.

Alarms features allows user to start app group at a set time. Choose when you want an app group to start, Choose time interval between starts (default is 24 hours).

Each app group alarm can be activated by tapping on the checkbox.

Note : An alarm shall be set at least 5 minutes in the future. To disable an alarm, clear the checkbox. 2 groups can’t be launched at the same time, only one will be launched

7. Twitter features

Enter your Twitter username and password and the textfields. Each time you will launch an app group, a tweet will be sent to your twitter account.

Here’s a sample :

#MALwebOS : Now Launching : precentral news…., webosroundup to go, bad kitty, carbon…

If you search for #MalwebOS hashtag, you will see all apps launched recently by all users. Here’s the link (which is also available in the app header)

8. Just type features

Available for webOS 2.x only, in the palm home screen, just type “1” (without quotes) and app group 1 will be launched !!! type “2” for app group 2, …

Any questions ? Leave a comment !

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  5. I’ve had this app for a while and never thought to program it to start my phakephoney app in the morning, which locks for child proof play, so my 13 month old will hopefully stop calling, texting, moving and deleting my icons while I wake up!! Can’t wait to see if it works.. Lol

  6. The functionality of this app is great! However, my selected apps often do not launch at the time I selected for the alarm. I find it is often stuck with the cursor in front of the group name as if it were being edited instead of launching.

  7. Hi,

    Alarms can take up to 60 seconds to start, and Apps won’t launch if Multiple App LAuncher is already opened.

    Can you describe in what case alarms doesn’t work ? Which webOS version are you using ?

  8. I want to add one of my downloaded apps, but canlt find it in the apps list. Also every once in a while I start MAL and it just launches the e-mail. Nothing else.

    1. Hi, if mal only loads mail app instead of your app group, it’s because the app didn’t have the time to load database because your device gets slow. I’ll add in the next version an option in the prefs to solve that.

  9. I can’t seem to delete 2 shortcuts I accidentally created. I select the “remove” option, but it dies not go away. I’ve even uninstalled MAL, but the short cuts stay. Please help.

  10. my alarm will not come on at the right time. I set it for 6:45 AM and if it triggers at all, it does so in the afternoon sometime. Is there any way you can look into this? Thank you for your time and hard work!

    1. Hi. Alarms are quiet hard to use in webos because they are not always reliable. For example, if you reboot your palm, this surely mess up all the alarms. To reset an alarm just uncheck & check the checkbox. It’s better not to use multiple app launcher as a primary alarm (don’t miss your job in the morning !!). But I’m working on alarms to provide a more accurate countdown. Thanks for feedback. Regards

    1. This sound is provided by palm webOS as default, but it’s hard change it. But I’m working on it. Otherwise, just switch to silent mode 🙂

  11. I love this app and just upgraded it to 5 stars, but I’ve got another issue. I’m trying to set up a runnng group that will open a stop watch as well as my music app. I have both selected and they show in the group list, but when I launch it, the music app (Golden Playlist) will not launch. Any ideas?

  12. I want to add apps that are on my phone, but not in your app list. Any chance of it looking there for apps?

  13. Thanks – that makes sense. I wish there was someway to manually type it in or someting. Even a 6 part PIA process would be better than not at all. I still love the app.

  14. nice app !!!
    is it possible to specify for each app in a group if you want to have it stacked or not?

  15. The alarms only work for one day then don’t work again. I have 2 alarms set for different time repeating at the same time everyday & after the first day, nothing happens. Tried everything I can think of w/ the settings. Any ideas?

  16. I load tapnote app as 1 of 5 apps to open. 4 open (calendar, email, tasks & messages) but not tapnote. The correct icon is showing so presumably I have loaded correctly. How come?

  17. Thanks – just tried now & no joy. Also having problem with another app too (sorry about this). In case anyone is reading this I can assure you that 9 apps are opening flawlessly! The 2nd app is eMed also known as eMed for WebOS or Medscape for WebOS. Firstly I cant find it in the apps list. So thought I would try to add it by doing the following: Add Apps button > add (bottom left icon) > name app eMed & in AppID, after com. write appredirect/?packageid=net.palmdoc.emed&applicationid=8733 This I got via Share > text message on the app page. Obviously doing something wrong but dont know what. Thanks again

  18. Thanks – re Tepnote – still not able to open via MAL even if alone in a group. Also still problem with eMed again either singly or within a larger group

  19. here’s appid

    – for tapnote : com.onecrayon.tapnote
    – for tapnote lite : com.onecrayon.tapnote.lite
    – for emed : net.palmdoc.emed

    copy & paste these appids in the add app scene (bottom left button). You can enter any title

  20. Hi
    are you able to make ToodleTasks Phone Edition available via MAL – a briliiant app I have to say.

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