webOS App Builder for HP TouchPad


webOS App builder is an application that allows you to create full featured news applications for webOS :

  • sharing capabilities (facebook, twitter, email, copy URL),
  • backup articles in PDF for offline reading,
  • fast data load,
  • Twitter integration,
  • sliding panel with webOS interface,

Based on RSS feed and twitter account : [B]creating application with webOS App Builder [U]doesn’t require [/U]coding skills.[/B]

How to create an application ?

There are three steps. The first two steps are completed on the HP touchPad and let you create and customize the appearance of the application. After entering all informations, webOS App Builder generates for you the application code.

The last step is done on a computer, simply copy / paste the code from email and build the application using the
webOS SDK. The whole process done on computer is described with video tutorials.

What do I need to know to create an app ?

  • to open an email,
  • to extract a zip file,
  • to copy and paste,
  • to have a computer (Windows, Mac or Linux supported)

Now let’s create your first webOS app within 10 minutes !

Links :

Tutorial HERE
App Link to the App Catalog HERE
Sample App Created with webOS App Builder HERE

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