Pop!Later is a simple readitlater client.

How to use the application ?

Start the application, Register a new readitlater.com account or sign in.

A popup window will be launched. This window dosen’t interfere with your work on TouchPad. You can close it with cross button. To add a new link, hold the input field for two seconds and press on Paste. Links can have two states : read & unread.

Troubleshooting :

The app doesn’t start and app icon glows forever.

>> You have to install Maps update from the software update manager. This update will also download Enyo framework, the new HP coding framework which is used by the application.

Known issues :

If the dashboard panel is inside the notification area, you can’t launch again the app from the app icon. To change preferences, tap on “Prefs” from the notification area.

Feel free to leave a comment if you have a problem with this application.

Author: admin


  1. Hi, everything is working fine, it’s very nice… Except that I can’t paste a link in the blank, well whenever I try to it will just paste it in the browser search bar or the just type bar… Have you had any issues with this?

  2. @anonymous : You have to install Maps update in order to be able to run Enyo application.

    @hub : Thanks for feedback, we have already submitted a fix to the app catalog, this will be fixed in version 1.1 coming very soon.

  3. j’ai le meme probleme de demarrage mais dans le gestionnaire de logiciels, je n’ai pas de mise a jour possible pour maps. Comment faire pour forcer cette mise a jour ?
    rolie31 sur pre+

  4. I installed popLater on my TouchPad this morning. However, it will not log in. I used my TouchPad web browser to go to readitlater.com and I logged in successfully. So I am sure I am using the correct username/password. My password does contain special characters like #$%^. Does your app allow for special characters in the password? Is there a limit to the number of characters in the password? My password is 18 characters long.

  5. I think #$%^ special characters may be the problem. however, my password contains a “+” and it’s working fine. Some very special characters may not be encoded for requests.

    Try with a simple password (hey, this is just bookmarks not bank account :D)

  6. Like the app but *HATE* the notification sound. Please make it configurable so we can turn it off. Also, a quicker way to add a link would be nice, such as an “Add from clipboard” option right in the small notification window.

    1. Hi,

      The webOS sdk doesn’t allow to turn the notification sound off. Sorry. However, “add frm clipboard” would be really nice. Thanks for feedback.

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