Multiple App Launcher Change Log 1.6.x – 1.8.x


Update 1.8.0 :

  • New Quick Actions :, Carbon
  • Just type features : type “1” and app group 1 will launch, …
  • Fixed issues with pre minus
  • French translation
  • Updated app database
  • List of tweets from users using twitter features.

Update 1.7.0 :

  • Setup your twitter account and Multiple App LAuncher will instantly update  your status (“Now launching : Bad Kitty, Precentral News, …”) everytime you launch an app group

Update 1.6.3 :

  • Govnah Support (Quick Actions) using Homebrew Gate.
  • Neato support (Quick Actions)
  • Phone call support (Quick Actions)
  • Bug fix when adding new app.

Update 1.6.1 :

  • Fixed textfield bug with WebOS 2.0.1 devices
  • Updated app list
  • Minor fix

Update 1.6.0 :

  • New Gorgeous UI,
  • Compact mode to see more groups on the screen.

Description :

MAL is an awesome application that will deliver all the power of WebOS multitasking. Select your favourite applications, and launch them simultaneously with one tap! Start app groups at set times.

With Quick Actions perform actions after launching an application. For example, 6:59am : Launch an app group including :

  • A twitter client Bad kittty – programmed to display your profile.
  • Web browser, which opens a predefined Website.
  • Foursquare, programmed to display your favourite venue.
  • Google Maps, programmed to show stations nearby.
  • Several games.
  • Email app with filled information like mail adress.
  • All your favourite News apps.

Wake up at 7:00, everything will be loaded and you’ll be ready to begin your day ! Program your applications to suit your needs. Create shortcuts in the Palm application launcher to launch easily multiple applications at once ! Multiple App Launcher (MAL) will enhance your WebOS experience. Stack Features will come with WebOS 2.0

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  1. bug report.

    MAL is a clever missing app for WebOS.

    some little bugs:
    Add application: “installed apps” category would me useful,
    Add application: initial group name “App Group 1” still appear even if renamed.
    Add application: unable to find the installed “Le monde” app.

    Thx for the promo code @ PalmPreFr

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