Coool Drinks


It is difficult to find the right temperature to drinks wines, beer or soda. Sometimes too cold, or sometimes not so cold! ahhhhh!

– Coool drinks calculates how long a bottle (or a can …) must stay in the fridge to reach ideal temperature!
– It also calculates the time required for making ice cubes in a fridge

No need to be good at maths, cool drinks calculates everything for you!
The result will depend on the shape of the bottle, that’s why coool Drinks includes a large number of bottles. (you can ask for more bottles here)

Screen shots :

Choose : initial temperature, final temperature and fridge temperature …

Differents type of drinks are available…

Differents type of bottle are available…

Coool drinks will help you calculate the exact time during which a bootle (or a can …) must remain in the refrigerator for an ideal temperature!

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