Precentral News updates 0.9.0 smartphones

Here’s Precentral News Application.

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Precentral Homebrew Apps forum

Update 0.9.0 : What’s new ?

Update for webOSnation. Some bug fixxes.

Update 0.8.0 : What’s new ?

Update 0.8.0 : Add  Lithium Messenger & Notes export, updated forum navigation

Update 0.7.9 : What’s new ?

Youtube video bug fixed | New video display at the top of a page | speed up startup | other bug fix.

Update 0.7.8 : What’s new ?

  • Carbon beta twitter client support bug fix

Update 0.7.7 : What’s new ?

  • Forums full version support (more features coming…)
  • phnx beta twitter client support
  • Carbon beta twitter client support

Update 0.7.6 : What’s new ?

  • bug fix.

Update 0.7.5 : What’s new ?

  • Tweed bug fix.

Update 0.7.4 : What’s new ?

  • Forums Beta support for mobile precentral forums

Update 0.7.3 : What’s new ?

  • Palmcast Download Management. Download Palmcast and continue to browse precentral !
  • change forum new post link (getdaily)
  • Some bug fix

Update 0.7.2 (beta feeds) : What’s new ?

  • New twitter client : Spaz, Tweed, TweetMe, Yak (opens client and copy status to clipboard with one tap, then just paste status in your favourite client)
  • Short URL converter for twitter & Facebook
  • Customize your status from the preferences panel…
  • Modify launch page. Open on Precentral homepage, or the last page opened.
  • New Splash screns (14)

Update 0.7.1 (official app catalog) : What’s new ?

  • Select splash screen (6 available, if you’re good at photoshop, please submit your own splash screen for precentral app!) from the preferences panel.
  • Page Top shortcut
  • Page bottom shortcut.
  • Relego support fix : Page title is now sent to relego.

Update 0.7.0 (official app catalog) : What’s new ?

  • New preferences Panel
  • preferences saved
  • new twitter client support Bad kitty
  • Relego and Spare Time support
  • Full screen toggle
  • font size selector
  • Internalz support
  • minor changes

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  3. The Precentral app has stopped opening the browser for external links on my Pre. I can’t honestly remember whether this started right after I upgraded to 0.7.9 or after I installed pReader or if it started some time in between. I first noticed it after the pReader install, so will try removing that when I get a chance later. (I also need to check the ipkg log to see what else I installed or removed)

  4. Bug?

    I’ve noticed I can’t leave a comment at an article. There is no field to wright things down.

    I’m using a Palm Prē2 with webOS 2.1

    Kind regards,

  5. Version 0.9 does not seem to be available for webOS 1.4.5 for my Pre Plus, or at least I cannot find it anymore. Is this true?

    This is one of my favorite apps since it allows me to make the font size large enough for easy reading, but version 0.8 does not work any more due to the changes PreCentral made.

  6. When I tap your “Find it in the App Catalog” link near the top this page on my Palm Pre Plus with webOS 1.4.5, I get “This application is not available for your model” in the App Catalog.

    I get the same message when I list My Applications in the App Catalog and then tap on Precentral News (unofficial) 0.8.0.

    So I am stuck with version 0.8.0, which has the problem that every time I tap on a link, it is opened in the web browser instead of your Precentral News app. Thanks for your help!

  7. admin posted:
    “Hi, go to in the palm browser, go at the bottom of the page and select “mobile version” ”

    The Precentral News app is better than the mobile version of their webpage since the app let’s you increase the font size without forcing you to scroll right and left, which is important to me on a small screened device like the Palm Pre…

    Please continue to include the comments to each article as well. Thanks.

  8. Thank you so much!! Your app v0.9.0 is now working on my Palm Pre Plus. 

    Can you also allow this app to be added to the TouchPad? 

    I know you make an “HD” version for the TouchPad, but often times I like the simplicity of this non-HD version better. 


  9. I have just downloaded your App, and have been clicking on the Join the Community link it goes to another page that looks like it is going to explain the process then all of the sudden a new browser opens and it does not load I try to go back to the other page and it is gone just an add for ITT Tech is only thing on page and the icons at bottom I click on home and try again I did this 3 times then came here,,,,HELP I want to join.

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