Precentral News : Application for Palm WebOS

Here’s my Precentral App to browse your favourite website.

If you like this app,


Features : 0.5.0 :

  • Landscape Mode
  • Direct access to articles, reviews, tips, themes, app gallery, homebrew apps.
  • Direct Acces to Palm Pixi – Palm Pre Device and Accessories – Palm Pre
    – GSM Pre – Palm Pre Tips, Information, and Resources – Palm Pre Bluetooth – Palm Pre Accessories – Palm Pre Wallpapers – webOS Themes …..
  • Direct Access to login Page.
  • This app opens Preware when you want to download an application.
  • Search features.
  • Save Bookmarks and Follow forums topics
  • Share your favourite topics with I.M, Email, Facebook (with facebook app), Twitter (with your favourite twitter client)
  • When you hit a video link, this app will open youtube application.
  • Precentral podcast support.


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  2. Love the app, use it all the time. Only, I’ve noticed that the web links while in the forums don’t work.
    Also, would love to see TweetMe listed as a Twitter choice.
    Great job & look forward to future updates.

  3. Still not working correctly on Uberkernal Overclocked AT&T Pre Plus even after the most recent update in 2011. Just wanted to make sure you know cuz this is one of the coolest Apps when it is working. Search button just gives black screen instead of search box; & clicking on the link buttons gives a “not found” error. All your hard work is much appreciated!!

    1. Precentral website made some changes since 2011 and some features may not be working properly. Thanks for feedback, I’ll delete broken features in next version

  4. I don’t know lately I pressed a buton and the app shows full site now and I can’t find an option to show mobile site, I tried to delete the app and reinstall but same thing happened .. How to revert to show mobile site not full site plz?

  5. For about a week, images in the WebOs app have been appearing over the related text making it impossible to read huge amounts of text.

  6. I’m having a problem with your app freezing or just loading part of the page and stopping. What other info can I give to help?

    1. Hi. If the app freezes or doesn’t load the full page, the precentral server is overcrowed. Does this happen on low traffic time of the day ?

  7. For some time now the app doesn’t let me reply to any of the news. Shows me as logged in but tells me I need to register or sign in to reply. The actual site on my computer is fine, but not on my Pre.

    1. Hi, if it’s a bug from the mobile website, I can’t do anything about it. Try to contact Precentral directly. Regards 🙂

  8. app.hss become very ‘buggy’. Some articles don’t load fuly (half text). Your support site doesn’t evenload on my pre. When I swipe back to article page that won’t load either. I have to ose th app, wait a bit (up to several minutes), then ‘hope’ tha app .loads correctly (not always the case). I’m running 1.4.5 on the pre’. What’s my solution? Please respond.

  9. Still doesn’t properly load the pages, it doesn’t matter if it’s 3am or 3pm. If I pinch zoom in & out repeatedly the app freezes for about 20 seconds then suddenly loads the rest of the page. This works about 50% of the time. I usually give up & use my Galaxy Tab to view the mobile site. Which by the way loads the whole page every time.

    There also seems to be an issue where even while logged in I cannot leave comments. The comment box is gone.

  10. Every time I get onto a page and try to scroll through it, it only loads as far as the original page that is set.

  11. I just re-set my Palm Pre (original) and PreCentrall app was not restored. I can’t find it in the app catalog (I find only the French Version). Is it no longer available for webOS 1.4.5?

  12. Since a few days the app opens all of it’s content in a separate browser tab, starting with the very first overview page. De- and reinstallation from catalogue didn’t help. Maybe an corrupted line in config file?

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