Color My Dreams for Palm WebOS


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You feel stressed? Take a break! Color My Dreams displays soothing colors and high quality nature recordings, more than 1 hour MP3 stereo 44100Hz, like rain, storm, thunder, birds, sea, fontain, church, chimes… The colors displayed change with time, phone orientation or simply by moving your finger across the screen with TouchMode. You can either watch the colors or if you’re in a dark room, put the screen to a white wall to create a light atmosphere. This application helps you to sleep using the SleepMode. Sweet Dreams ! All the sounds are stored within the application, so you will be able to use this app without using 3G network. Share your favourite sounds and colors with IM, Email, facebook, twitter, …


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  3. Hey, I was wondering if you could add whale song. My wife doesn’t mind when I use that one instead of the cicades.

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