Pop!Later CE for webOS Community Edition


Pop!Later CE is a tiny Pocket (readitlater.com) client for HP webOS which is displayed inside the webOS notification area. Take advantage of webOS Community Edition dynamic dashboard for an even better user experience.
Features :
  • Add link to your pocket account,
  • mark as read an article,
  • mark as read all unread article,
  • show account status,
  • share with email, spaz.
  • Advanced browser support

How to use the application ?

Start the application, Register a new Pocket (readitlater.com)) account or sign in. A notification window will be launched. This notification dosen’t interfere with your work on TouchPad. You can close it with swipe gesture.

Known issues : If the dashboard panel is inside the notification area, you can’t launch again the app from the app icon. To change preferences, tap on “Prefs” from the notification area.

Feel free to leave a comment if you have a problem with this application.

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