Starter for HP TouchPad #webOS : launch several applications at once !

Starter for webOS is the TouchPad version of Multiple App Launcher for webOS smartphone

>>>>>>> Description :

Download from the app catalog :

Starter allows you to launch several applications simultaneously to deliver all the power of WebOS multitasking. Choose application from app catalog and built in apps. Quick Actions : Perform actions inside applications after launch like open a web address in the browser & advanced browser.

>>>>>>> Updates :
1.1.0 : Launch app groups with sensor mode ! Just hold the device to launch apps ! Video :
1.0.1 : fixed submit AppID button
1.0.0 : initial release

>>>>>>> Support :

Please check WebOSnation support thread. or post a comment to this article.

>>>>>>> FAQ :

How to add an application inside a group ?

Select add application icon. Starter displays all known apps for Touchpad (not installed apps). Database is loaded from our servers, please turn on your wifi connection.

I can’t find an application in database ?!

Select Manual Setup and enter AppID. >> How to find appID ? This app database isn’t supported by HP since HP shut down app feeds. Our goal is to update this app database. If you didn’t find an Application in the app database, please press submit appID button. Thanks.

How to launch a native app ?

Native apps list is displayed in the second tab. Just tap to add.

What about Quick Actions ?

Quick Actions allows user to perform actions after launching an application. For example, launch web browser and display your favorite website.

How to delete a shorcut created by Starter ?

To delete a shortcut, just tap & hold the icon, select left corner cross to delete.

How many groups can I manage at once ?

Starter allows you to manage up to 5 app groups.

How many apps can I add to a group ?

You can add as many apps as you want, but remember, the HP Touchpad hasn’t enough RAM to launch 15 apps at the same time : webOS may reboot.

If I delete an app group, it is saved ?

Yes, deleted app groups are saved. They are not really deleted but hided.

>>>>>>> Video tutorial

>>>>>>> Screenshots

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