Precentral News HD For HP TouchPad

Hi !

Let me introduce you Precentral News HD

Precentral News HD is not based on Precentral mobile version like Precentral News for Smartphones. This new version is now using Feedburner RSS feeds to display titles and precentral articles (not Precentral mobile version). Users will be also able to browse twitter while reading precentral article or precentral forums.

All the content is displayed inside Sliding panels.

The app loads in 2 seconds on the emulator, renders content very fast.

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  1. mon commentaire concerne un ennui physique lors de l’utilisation de ma TPad : une constante variation de l’écriture avec une instabilité gênante pour la lecture : caractères fins passant en caractères gros sans que l’on puisse se fixer sur l’un ou l’autre mode.

  2. Is there any way to view the comments too for each Article like the non-HD version does?

    Furthermore, when I try to view a Forum, it is opened in the web browser instead of your app. Can this be fixed?

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